The Extraordinary World of Human Senses

Humans have traditionally been taught about the five basic senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. However, modern science reveals that our sensory experience is far more complex. Here, we delve into the fascinating world of human senses beyond the commonly known five, expanding our understanding of how we interact with the world around us. […]

The Dark Truth About Cannibalism

Cannibalism, the act of consuming human flesh by humans, poses serious health risks. One of the most alarming diseases associated with cannibalism is a prion disease called kuru, also known as the “shaking death.” This disease was notably observed among the Fore people in Papua New Guinea who practiced cannibalism as a funerary ritual. Consuming […]

Mysteries of the Mummified Monks

Self-mummification, specifically the practice of Sokushinbutsu among Japanese Shugendō monks, presents a profound example of religious discipline and sacrifice. Shugendō, a syncretic form of Buddhism, incorporates elements from various religions, including animism, Shinto, and Taoism. The ultimate act of asceticism for these monks was to achieve self-mummification, a grueling process that symbolized reaching a state […]

Redeeming Qualities of Notorious Cinema Flops

In the realm of cinematic misfires, few have garnered the kind of notorious reputation that “Mac and Me” has. Touted as an unabashed clone of Spielberg’s beloved “E.T.,” this 1988 film has been widely recognized not for its storytelling prowess but rather for its glaring flaws and unabashed commercialism. Yet, within this much-maligned feature, there’s […]