Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds, and Which Have the Worst? 

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Gambling is without a doubt the most enjoyable method to waste money in life, even though it is only one of many (at least up to a certain point). 

When you enter a casino, you do so knowing that your current riches will most likely have dropped by the time you return to the bright sunlight, but at the very least, you can have a couple of complimentary cocktails for your trouble. 

However, knowing which games to play is critical to ensuring that you do not deplete your funds any faster than necessary if you want to maximize the number of diluted adult beverages you obtain while playing. If you wish to achieve this, you must first determine which games to play. 

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  • That is only possible if you know the answer to a single, simple question: which casino games have the best odds?¬†
  • Everything you need to know is listed here.¬†

The Difference Between Skill Games and Chance Games 

When it comes to putting your money at risk, casino games are similar to cryptocurrencies in that you have a range of options, but certain methods can offer you an advantage if you know what you’re doing.¬†

If you don’t want to rely on a computer program, a rolling ball, or a random individual tossing dice, there are a few more places where you might feel quite at home. Among these localities are:¬†

I’m going to presume you’re neither Rain Man norr someone who appreciates the rush that comes with knowing you could be taken into a backroom at any moment if you’re caught counting cards for this essay. If one of those qualities describes you, I doubt you need much advice to begin with.¬†

Which games have the lowest winning chances? 

Before we discuss the casino games that provide you the best chance of earning money, we must first discuss the ones that cheat you the most. The odds may differ from one casino to the next, and many casinos provide recommendations that can inform you which games provide the best return on your investment. On the other side, they are less likely to publicize which games are more explicitly designed to exploit you than others. I will gladly accept the blame without hesitation. 


I know it’s difficult to resist the allure of the flashing lights and Carrie Bradshaw’s tempting look emitting from The Sex and the City slot machine, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have the self-control required to not sit down. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have the self-control to not sit down.¬†

You can spend hours at the slot machines while developing a rapport with the person who delivers you beverages, which the casino would gladly provide because you are practically printing money for them. One of the many reasons why slot machines are so entertaining. 

The chances vary for every machine, but one study estimates that the casino has an edge of up to 15% in some circumstances. When you play machines with greater betting levels, this number decreases; but, if you are a die-hard fan of penny slots, you may want to reconsider your dedication to the genre. 

The show is called “Wheel of Fortune.”¬†

Because the chances of you ever found yourself standing next to Pat Sajak on a set in Los Angeles are slim, most people’s only true chance to experience what it’s like to participate in Wheel of Fortune is through this game, which is also the closest thing they’ll ever come across to the show.¬†

However, unlike true Wheel of Fortune contestants, you will not be able to walk away with a food dehydrator or a new set of flatware if you are unsuccessful, which there is a good possibility you will be. 

If you are confident enough to risk larger amounts, you should do so with the knowledge that the casino has an edge of up to 25% in some games. You could have a better chance of success if you just try out for the show. 


When you can play Keno in a dingy bar or a bowling alley rather than a casino, I don’t understand why someone would bother coming to a casino to play a game that is objectively dull and completely random. You can liven things up a little by playing bingo with other AARP members rather than looking at a screen, but in either case, you’re not doing yourself any favors by indulging in this activity. If you choose the former, you may end up with a house advantage of up to 16%, but if you choose the virtual version, you could end up with a house advantage of up to 30%. You’ll be relieved to learn that the casino has several other games that, on average, have better odds than others. What are some of the top casino games in terms of odds?¬†


When you consider that roulette allows players to wager on what is effectively a coin flip, you could conclude that it is one of the best casino games available. 

However, contrary to common opinion, the appearance of green 0 and 00 gives the casino a huge edge. In contrast to other games, because the odds are predetermined, the casino will always have a 5.26 percent edge, according to statistical analyses. Even though there are numerous betting methods accessible, each of which can boost your odds of winning, there is still a very good chance that you will lose money in the long run regardless of which strategy you choose. 


Craps has a million different ways to gamble, but if you’re new to the game, you’ll just want to bet on the Pass Line and exclaim “Seven!” a lot. This is because there are a million distinct methods to win on the Pass Line.¬†

If you take that technique, the casino will have a house edge of 1.41 percent, which is bad news for them. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough trustworthy data to say if blowing on dice before rolling impacts the outcome of the roll.¬†


Despite the fact thatEven though you may not have mastered the method of card counting at MIT, blackjack remains one of the most successful wagers in a casino. Even if you’ve never played a single hand of blackjack in your life, you still have a reasonable chance of walking away with a winning hand if you know how to do simple addition. This is true even if you have never played the game before. If you go to elementary school, the casino has a 0.5 percent advantage every time the cards are dealt.¬†

Poker (Video) 

Even though playing video poker versus someone wearing sunglasses inside while also wearing Beats headphones over a pulled-up sweater isn’t as exciting, you won’t have to deal with the psychological aftermath of losing to him if you do end up playing video poker.¬†

You will have a higher chance of winning money if you can find a machine that plays Jacks or Better than you will anywhere else in the casino. Technically, an untrained video poker player has the same probability of winning as a blackjack player; however, there are several tried-and-true tactics that, when employed successfully, result in the house having only a 0.46 percent edge over the player. A Deuces or Wild pro, on the other hand, can theoretically get a 0.7 percent edge over the casino, so if you find yourself with some extra time, you should start learning the game.